PCR-HI-066 Hickam Composite
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Q: How do I join CAP?

A: See our Prospective Seniors or Prospective Cadets pages for info on joining CAP with Hickam Composite Squadron. 


Q: Is Hickam Composite Squadron the only CAP unit available?

A: No. Although we are the only squadron directly serving the Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam community, we are one of ten CAP units in Hawaii, and one of six on the island of Oahu. Feel free to use the Hawaii Wing squadron list to look up and visit any or our sister squadrons. 


Q: My son/daughter will be 12 soon. Can they join early?

A: Prospective cadets must wait until their twelfth birthday to join. It is not uncommon for CAP units to allow young persons who are "almost twelve" to start attending weekly meetings as a visitor. 


Q: Am I required to join the military?

A: There are no military service commitments with CAP membership. In fact, less than half of CAP cadets go on to pursue military careers. Most will take their CAP learned skills and experience to many other non-military related career paths in life.






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